Help APh – Table of contents 3. Hitlist

The hitlist provides a short description of the hits (i.e. the records found by a search). Click to display a hit from the hitlist.

Overview of available information and functionality:

1. Overview of source and search details (1).

2. View all records (including all details): no more than 1000 records will be displayed (2).

3. View selected records: mark checkboxes and click the button (3).

4. Use the navigation buttons at the top and bottom of the screen to browse through the pages of the hitlist (4).

5. You can change the sorting order by clicking on Author, Title or Year. The default sorting order is by year of publication (the most recent publications on the top of the list) (5).

6. Records that have been added to the database with the latest upload are flagged as new (6).

7. OpenURL-link (Learn more, 6.2) (7).

8. Export all records or selected records (Learn more, 5) (8).

9. Click Refine search to go back to the search screen with the search details from the current search (to see details from previous searches, use Search History, learn more, 8) (9).

10. Total number of hits (10).

11. Click Email alert (11) to save your search and to receive alerts by email whenever records matching your search are added to the database (learn more, 9).

12. Toggle the Only new hits (12) button to show the most recent results or to show all results.