BBIH Help - Table of contents 5.4 Google Books link

In Record view, if the record represents a book or a recent article in a book, we provide a link that searches Google Books for the listed work. If you follow the link you will be presented with a Google results page which tells you if there are any results and also indicates whether you can see online text, and, if so, whether full or limited view is available. You can follow the link or links on the results page to see the Google Books display. Note that:
   • If our data include an ISBN number this is used for the search; otherwise title words are used and such searches may not always produce entirely precise results, but the best matches should be listed first.
   • Where full text is not available online, you may still be able to see a table of contents and links to reviews. Where books have been digitized by libraries, the amount of text available may be limited by copyright restrictions. All Google Books records include links to online booksellers.