BBIH Help - Table of contents 5.3 Find in a Library link

As an alternative to providing OpenURL resolver details to Brepols, a link to the OCLC Resolver Registry may be provided.

If this option has been selected by the subscriber and the user has a resolver registered with OCLC, clicking on Find in a Library in Record view should send details of the record to your resolver and you should see options to locate copies or view online text similar to those that you see when you are using your own library's catalogue, as described in section 5.2.

If this option has been selected but you have no resolver registered with OCLC, you should see a WorldCat "Find in a Library" page showing details of the work for which you are searching.
   • If this is the first time that you have used the service, you should specify your location following the on-screen instructions (if you are in the USA, you can specify a state or a postal code).
   • A list of WorldCat member libraries in your area will then appear (you should of course bear in mind that there may be other libraries in your area that hold the work, that are not members of WorldCat).
   • Where the library names are formatted as links, you can click to enter the library catalogue - the results that you obtain at this stage will depend on the library (and in some cases on your location), but you should usually be able to see the library classmark for the item, with information on multiple holdings where appropriate; you will often see whether the item is in place or not and you may also be able to order it or to gain access to an online copy (if you are a library member).

If no OpenURL resolver or Find in a Library button shows on records which include ISBNs and ISSNs, consult your librarian (or whoever manages your subscription), who may wish to contact Brepols Publishers about registering OpenURL details or implementing the Find in a Library option.