BBIH Help - Table of contents 2.8.9 Person as subject

The Person as subject field is available only on the Advanced search screen. Use it to find works about a particular historical person.

This field should give complete results for publications of 1993 onwards and for records from Irish History Online. However, Person as subject indexing has not been applied to all pre-1993 records so, if you are interested in older works, you may wish also to use Title contains to search the titles of older works, or Search anywhere to search both the titles and the uncontrolled indexing terms applied to 1946-92 publications (and to some earlier ones).

Key features:
If you enter more than one word, the software will search for records that contain all the words in the Person as subject field, irrespective of their order. However you can modify this to search for phrases by enclosing the phrase in double inverted commas (learn more: 2.3) and you can also use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to modify how the search is carried out (learn more: 2.4.3).

You can use wildcards in this field (learn more: 2.4.1).

This field has an Auto-complete list showing all the person as subject names occurring in the Bibliography (learn more: 2.5) and a Browse list (learn more: 2.6).

Hints on finding personal names:
To get the best results, enter the author name with the surname first, as this is how the terms are organized in the Auto-complete list, where you should be able to see if the person in whom you are interested occurs in the Bibliography.