Help IR – Table of contents 2.3 Thematic search

To find a large number of records on a topic use a combination of Discipline, Area and Period (only available on the advanced search screen).

These fields draw upon the specific RHE classification. Making use of them will only return RHE records. The fields in this category do not allow free text input; the keywords must be selected from predefined lists.

1. Discipline: click All Academic Disciplines to open the list. Click the search term to drill down to a lower level (1); or select a search term by marking the selection box (2). At the top of the screen an overview of the selected keywords is given; unmark the checkbox to remove keywords from the selection (3). Use the radio buttons to change the Boolean relation between the different items (And/Or) (4). To use the selected items as search criteria use the Insert/close button (5). Once back on the search screen the selected search items can be altered by clicking on the search items.


2. Area: click All Geographical Areas to open the list. Mark the selection box to choose one or more from the five continents or drill down to the lower levels.

3. Period: make your selection from the drop-down menu.

The language of these index terms depends on the interface language.