Help BMB - Table of contents 2.2.7 Hierarchical placename tree

The hierarchical placename tree is available in the Area search field that appears on the simple and advanced search screen (under the category General search).

Places are classified in a hierarchical string containing one or more of the following elements:

1. one of fifteen general areas.

2. a modern political unit – typically a state, in its modern English form.

3. the administrative division (e.g. county, département, province, Land), except in the case of small countries, in its modern official form.

4. the settlement name, in its modern official form (within Europe) or in its historical form (outside Europe).

5. a subdivision of the settlement, such as a location or building, or a subject.

Depending on the interface language the two highest levels will be translated.

Click the search term to drill down to a lower level (1) or select a search term by marking the selection box (2). At the top of the screen an overview of the selected keywords is given; unmark the checkbox to remove keywords from the selection (3). Use the radio buttons to change the Boolean relation between the different items (And/Or) (4). To use the selected items as search criteria use the Insert/Close button (5). Once back on the search screen the selected search items can be altered by clicking on the search items.

Hierarchical placename tree