Help BMB - Table of contents 4. Record view

The record view lists all available details for a bibliographical record.
Three categories can be distinguished:

   • Bibliographical details (type, author, title, language of work, ISBN/ISSN …) (1).

   • Classification details (subject, discipline, area, placename …) (2).

   • Reviews (only available for BCM-records) (3).

The source of the record can be identified by the reference information: IMB (IMB) or BCM (BCM)( ); a unique identification number is also provided (4).

The search terms are being highlighted (5).

From this page different kind of links to external databases are available:

   • OpenURL-link: this link can be used to launch a query in an external databases (Learn more, 6.2). This link will only appear for libraries with a subscription to an OpenURL-service (e.g. SFX from Ex Libris) (6).

   • DOI-link: Where a record includes a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), this is followed by a link which should take you to the publisher's online edition of the work. You will need an appropriate subscription to view online full text, although many publishers make abstracts available freely. If you can also see an OpenURL resolver link at the top of the screen, this may take you to other online full text services to which your institution has a subscription.

DOI    • Link to online encyclopedias: search terms with the button "View article in LexMA" give access to corresponding encyclopedic article (Learn more, 6.1) (7).

Overview of other functionality (8):

   • Browse through the records.

   • Export current record (Learn more, 5).

   • Click Refine search to go back to the search screen with the search details from the current search (to see details from previous searches, use Search History, learn more, 8).

   • Result overview: go back to the hitlist.

Record view