Help BMB - Table of contents 2.2.3 General search

This search uses a combination of Discipline, Area and Century. This is the best search to use if you wish to find a large number of records on a topic which you can define yourself according to subject matter (Discipline), geography (Area) and chronology (Century).

The fields in this category do not allow free text input; the keywords must be selected from predefined lists.

1. Discipline: click All Academic Disciplines to open the list and mark the checkbox to select one or more disciplines from the 62 different items (for a definition of the terms used, see At the top of the screen an overview of the selected keywords is given (1); unmark checkbox to remove keywords from the selection. Use the radio buttons to change the Boolean relation between the selected items (And/Or) (2). To use the selected items as search criteria use the Insert/Close button (3). Once back on the search screen the selected search items can be altered by clicking on the search items.


2. Area: click All Geographical Areas to open the list and click to select one or more from the 15 different items (for a definition of the terms used, see; alternatively, drill down to the placename tree (Learn more, 2.2.7)

3. Century: make your selection from the drop-down menu. You can either search for a single century or chronological range between two different centuries.