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The subject tree is only available on the advanced search screen (under the category More search possibilities).

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The subject tree is generated from a controlled vocabulary of subject terms with up to four levels: the highest level (level 1) corresponds to nine broad divisions of knowledge, while the lowest (level 4) is a specific subdivision of one of over 1000 third-level subjects, e.g. for the subject of hospitals run by the Augustinian canons, the entry is:

   “Religion – Religious orders – Augustinian canons, order – hospitals”

   where “Religion” is the highest level; “Religious orders” level 2; “Augustinian canons, order” level 3; with “hospitals” a final subdivision at the lowest level.

The level 3 and level 4 entries are also displayed alphabetically in the Subjects browselist. Thus, under “Augustinian canons, order” there are over forty subdivisions, from “agriculture” to “wine-trade”. The first subheading (General) represents entries where there is no subdivision of the level 3 subject.

Click the search term to drill down to a lower level (1) or select a search term by marking the selection box (2). At the top of the screen an overview of the selected keywords is given; unmark the checkbox to remove keywords from the selection (3). Use the radio buttons to change the Boolean relation between the different items (And/Or) (4). To use the selected items as search criteria use the Insert/Close button (). Once back on the search screen the selected search items can be altered by clicking on the search items.

Subject tree