BBIH Help - Table of contents 2.8.3 Title contains

The Title contains field is available on the both the Simple search screen and the Advanced search screen. This field searches not only the title proper, but also any alternative or uniform titles that are recorded in the data. Additionally, where a record represents an article in a miscellany, the search includes not only the title of the article, but also the title of the miscellany volume.

If you enter more than one word, the software will search for records that contain all the words in the title field, irrespective of their order, e.g. if you enter housing london it will match 'Housing London: the first 2000 years' and 'The London almshouses: six centuries of housing for the aged', but not 'Leading the way: council housing in Westminster' (this title contains only one of the specified words). However you can search for phrases by enclosing the phrase in double inverted commas (learn more: 2.3) and you can also use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to modify how the search is carried out (learn more: 2.4.3).

You can use wildcards in this field (learn more: 2.4.1).

This field has an auto-complete list showing all the titles occurring in the Bibliography (learn more: 2.5) and, on the Advanced search screen, a browse list (learn more: 2.6). Note that, although the auto-complete and browse lists show only complete titles, you can search for words or phrases that occur anywhere in the title.